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Mosquito Nets

Choosing a mosquito net can be difficult and confusing, especially if you have never had to use one before. To make things simpler, we have created a Mosquito Net guide to help.

Mosquito Nets

  • Generally the smallest and most compact - and hence the lightest and easiest to carry at home and abroad.

  • Spacious and comfortable nets with large internal volume that allows for greater circulation to keep you cool.

  • Slightly smaller inside than Box Canopy Nets, but much easier to hang as they only need one support.

  • Completely self contained without the need for any additional supports wherever you rest your head.

  • It's important to protect babies and children from insect bites particularly where there is risk of disease.

  • Midges are quite a bit smaller than mosquitoes so use a net with a finer mesh and smaller holes in it.

  • Where insects are more of a pest than a threat to health some people may prefer to use untreated nets.

  • Make fly screens for windows or doors and repair damage to mosquito nets or ventilation panels in tents.

  • For protection from Mosquitoes - pop up head nets, pocket nets, foldable hats - available both with permethrin insecticide treatment and untreated.

  • Perfect for travelling, providing an extra layer of warmth or even protection from any bugs that may be lurking in the beds.

  • Many brands for you to select your favourite or try something different from our wide range of providers.