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Hats and Scarves

Hats and Scarves

  • Hats designed for men for any occasion or any time of year! Hat's that can keep you cool on Safari or to make you look cool by the pool.

  • Hat's designed for women for all weathers and any time of year! How about a Safari hat? Or an Audrey Hepburn style floppy hat? To make you cool and stylish by the pool.

  • Hats for the little ones and big ones to protect their noggin! We have UPF protection and insect shield hats, so your mini me can be themselves without you having to worry.

  • Heading out? Don't forget your hat! Sunday Afternoons has been making hats for over 20 years for everyone and everything under the sun.

  • Craghoppers insect repellent and solarshield hats for the everyday adventurer and trip of a lifetime traveller.

  • Proudly Australian-made and Australian-owned, Barmah Hats are water resistant, enhanced with Barmah's own DriHide process and UV resistant to SP Factor 50+.

  • Rufiji and Mara&Meru expedition tested hats with Safari-inspired design and features for Africa and beyond.

  • Wallaroo hats are all specially designed around sun protection, in an effort to help eliminate the health threats of solar UV exposure.

  • Second-hand hats given first class treatment with the addition of a contemporary twist - each one unique and in a class of its own!

  • Ideal for hot summer days to provide much needed protection from the sun - and if you're already sitting in the shade they can even double as a fan!

  • Perfect for when the sun doesn't know what it's doing and you don't want to be caught without a hat if it does decide to shine.

  • Twist and fold into a 6" pouch for storage when not in use - perfect for carrying in a bag or pocket to help you cope with rainy day blues.

  • If you've ever been subjected to a sustained attack you'll know that sometimes only a Mosquito Hat or Head Net will do!

  • A great range of hats and gloves for when you're out and about or travelling - they're all easily folded or packed away and they offer great protection come wind, rain or snow!

  • Scarves are great for keeping warm and cool no matter where you travel, this collection also provides protection from insects.