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Welcome to Purple Turtle!

Purple Turtle evolved in response to the problems encountered during our travels through life. There are many websites that sell gadgets for the roughie toughies, but not so many that cater for the meek and mild as well. We focus more on the people issues and offer a range of solutions to the problems encountered - the little things that can stop a challenge from becoming an ordeal, whilst still leaving the adventure intact.

Insect ProtectionInsect Protection
- DEET, alternatives to DEET, natural insect repellents and Citronella.
- plug in insect repellers, candles, mosquito coils, smoke bombs and incense.
- permethrin clothing spray, bug socks, insect repellent clothing, head nets and jackets.
- suitable for mosquitoes, midges, flies, chiggers, ticks, leeches, bed bugs and fleas.

Travel ClothingTravel Clothing
- Craghoppers clothing - designed by people who travel for people who travel.
- NosiLife insect repellent clothing that last a lifetime of wear.
- SolarDry fabric provides protection from the sun with a UPF index of 40+.
- insect, tick and leech repellent socks, underwear, hats and scarves.
- pop up hats, bush hats, legionnaire style hats, mosquito hats and ponchos.

Mosquito NetsMosquito Nets
- huge selection - single or double, wedge, box or bell, suspended or pop-up nets.
- traditional untreated nets or long life insecticide impregnation for extra protection.
- mosquito head nets, hats and jackets for extra protection when you're out and about.

Travel Health and HygieneTravel Health & Hygiene
- Washing Without Water - Shampoo Caps, Waterless Shampoo and Conditioner.
- Compact Microfibre Travel Towels, Wash Bags, Sea Water Soap and Solar Showers.
- Hand Wash and Wipes, Body Wash and Wash Mitts.
- First Aid Kits, Water Purification, Oral Rehydration Salts and Travel Laundry.

Sun ProtectionSun Protection
- children and sensitive skin, continuous clear spray and water resistant products.
- after sun products and sunscreens with insect repellent and SafeSea jellyfish protection.
- pop up sun hats, legionnaire style hats and UV protective clothing for adults and children.
- UV Magic Beads, UV monitors and Kids Label ID Bracelets.

Travel EssentialsTravel Essentials
- Travel Adaptors, Hair Dryers & Straightners - life's essential little luxuries
- Ear Plugs. Eye Shades, Flight Socks and Pillows for airborne travellers
- Binoculars, Water Bottles, First Aid Kits and Gadgets for adventurers
- Travel Pillows, Cushions, Sunshades, Sewing Kits, Manicure Sets and more

Winter WondersWinter Wonders
- Winter Travel Accessories - TravelJohn, Hand Warmers, Gloves, etc
- Out & About - products to keep you safe when you're out and about in the winter
- Winter Sun Protection - UV protection for skiing, walking and winter sailing
- Torches and Lanterns - shine a light through the darkness...

Festival FavouritesFestival Favourites
- a selection of products for festival goers come wind, rain or shine.
- Washing Without Water, Toilet Treats, Personal Hygiene, Safety and Security.
- Sun Protection, Insect Repellents, Comfy Cushions, Ponchos and Camping Kit.

Travel SicknessTravel Sickness
- a comprehensive range of Travel and Motion Sickness remedies and cures
- tried and tested during a year afloat, with three young girls on a sailing boat...
- Wrist Bands, Queasy Drops, Ginger, Ear Plugs and more - have a look inside our store!
- if all else fails make sure you have a few Sick Bags handy from our extensive range...

Homecare ProductsHomecare Products
- a range of products to help make things a bit easier at home when caring for others
- shampoo caps, waterless shampoo and conditioner, body wash and toilet aids
- sick bags and bowls, hand wash and wipes, disposable gloves and aprons

Morning SicknessMorning Sickness
- Queasy Drops, Preggie Pops, Ginger and Aromatherapy to settle your stomach
- Acupressure Wrist Bands, Electronic Relief Band and MorningWell CD
- Sick Bags, Bowls and Clean Up Wipes - just in case all else fails...

Colloidal SilverColloidal Silver
- Colloidal Silver from Rivers of Health - starter kits and bulk bottles
- well known as an anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-microbial agent
- many uses both at home and when out and about - read on for more information...

Special Offers and Clearance LinesSpecial Offers and Clearance Lines
- Special Offers - great products at great prices - they've got to be seen to be believed!
- Clearance Lines - surplus stock, end of lines and short dated products

Shop by BrandShop by Brand
- if you already know what you want you can shop by brand to speed things up a bit
- alternatively, you might also find what you want in the A to Z list of products
- if you can't find what you're looking for let us know - we might be able to help!

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