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Craghoppers NosiLife Insect Repellent Clothing

About NosiLife Clothing - Image

1) What is NosiLife?

NosiLife is the name given by Craghoppers to their range of clothing featuring insect protection technology. There are 3 different types of Nosi fabric - NosiLife, NosiLife Stretch and NosiDefence.



Standard fabric that has been treated during the manufacturing process to provide permanent insect repellent protection.

NosiLife Stretch

NosiLife Stretch

NosiLife Stretch:
Stretch fabric that has been treated during the manufacturing process to provide permanent insect repellent protection.

Nosi Defence

Nosi Defence

Nosi Defence:
The fabric hasn't been treated but the tight weave makes it difficult for insects to bite through the fabric.

2) How does NosiLife work?

NosiLife clothing is treated during the manufacturing process to give it insect repellent properties that will last the lifetime of the garment. Any insects that come into contact with NosiLife clothing will either be repelled or risk being killed by the treatment.

3) What is the active ingredient?

The active ingredient is a type of Permethrin. Permethrin is a synthetic Pyrethroid - Pyrethroids occur naturally in the environment and can be extracted from the Chrysanthemum plant. Permethrin is synthesized in a laboratory, so it is more readily available for commercial use.

4) Is it safe?

The NosiLife treatment is toxic to all insects but it is said to be safe for mammals. The treatment was originally developed for use against dust mites and is used world-wide in many different institutions.

5) How long does it last?

The NosiLife treatment is said to be permanent and hence should last the lifetime of the garment.

6) Will washing and ironing the clothing affect the treatment?

No - the NosiLife treatment can withstand multiple wash-wear cycles and it is unaffected by ironing.

7) Does the treatment affect the wicking performance of the fabric?


8) Why should I wear NosiLife clothing?

The best way to avoid insect bites is to cover up as much as possible and to apply insect repellent to any exposed areas. NosiLife clothing will then act as a further deterrent and will deal effectively with any insects that do find their way inside your clothing - no more ants in your pants!

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