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First Aid Kits

A must-have thing for travellers going to countries where safe and trusted medical equipment might be lacking... or just in case of a paper cut.

First Aid Kits

  1. Care Plus Basic First Aid Kit

    Style & Weight - Basic 165g
    Dimensions packed - 15cm x 10cm
    Suitable for - everyday adventures
    Features - water resistant pouch
  2. Care Plus Compact First Aid Kit

    Style & Weight - Compact 300g
    Dimensions packed - 16cm x 12cm
    Suitable for - short trips
    Features - water resistant pouch
  3. Care Plus Adventurer First Aid Kit

    Style & Weight - Adventurer 450g
    Dimensions packed - 20cm x 14cm
    Suitable for - large groups
    Features - multi lingual usage booklet
  4. Care Plus Emergency Shears

    Cut through bandages and plasters with ease, and they can even cope with thick plastic and thin metal.
  5. Care Plus Emergency Blanket

    Designed to protect against both the heat and cold and perfect for those emergency situations where standard blankets just won't do.
    RRP : £4.95


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