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Product Name Pyramid Mosquito Head Net Pyramid Midge Head Net Highlander Micro Midge Head Net The Stopper Head Net Smidge Head Net Purple Turtle Head Net with Visor Coghlans ‘No-See-Um’ Head Net LifeSystems Midge and Mosquito Head Net
Price £4.95 £6.95 £4.95 £6.95 £4.95 £11.95 £3.95 £6.95
Midges or Mosquitos? Mosquitos Midges Midges Both Both Both Both Both
Holes per Square Inch 400 600 600 3000 600 600 1000 1001
Colour and Visibility Black – Very Good Dark Green / Brown – Average Light Green – Good Variety of colours – Good but net can shimmer in direct light. Green – Average Black and white available – white net can shimmer in direct sunlight. Dark Green – Average Black – Average
Fabric Polyester Polyester Polyester Nylon net – microfiber showerproof top. Polyester Nylon Polyester Multi-Filament Polyester
Will it fit over a hat? Yes Yes No No No No – but we made another that does! Yes Yes
Width and Length 48cm x 48cm 47cm x 48cm 32cm x 50cm 35cm x 53cm 38cm x 55cm 40cm x 50cm 43cm x 42cm 51cm x 50cm
Neck Fastening Drawstring and toggle Drawstring and toggle Elasticated  Loosely Elasticated Loosely Elasticated Drawstring and toggle Elasticated neck Toggled draw cord
Is it supplied with a pouch? Yes – drawstring and toggle pouch Yes – drawstring and toggle pouch Yes – drawstring and toggle pouch No – supplied in a clear sealable bag Yes – drawstring & toggle pouch No – supplied in a clear sealed bag No – cardboard box Yes – drawstring & toggle pouch
Weight (including pouch) 28g 72g 27g 22g 29g 40g 32g 50g
“Not a fashion item but very well made” “I like it better than midge bites” – Heather Swanson “The hood fits well over your head and reaches far enough down your neck the little biters can’t get in. The mesh is fine but doesn’t impinge vision too much.” “Keeps the midgies off your face, light and easy to wear” The holes in this are very small to keep all insects out. I’m not fond of the green colour but I’m more not fond of insects flying into my mouth.” “Fantastic idea to have the visor!” “It doesn’t cost a lot, it works, & it’s super light. Might take a couple seconds to get used to seeing out of the fine netting, but I find it manageable.” This headnet is much better worn over a wide brim hat. You might look daft but watching everyone else flinch and squeal while the midges eat them alive soon cheers you up.”
“Amazing visability” “Not the best for visability – but one of the best at stopping midge bites” “Compact and lightweight” “Good visability, showerproof and comfortable.” “Loose fitting, keeps midges out” “The best visibility you can have from a head net and made by our own hand!” “The elastic is tight to the neck to stop midges getting in, just make sure you’re not claustrophobic”

“As compact as can be”