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Health and Hygiene for India

Think limited toilets (or unfamiliar bathroom habits) and prepare by taking some home comforts on your travels - particularly feminine products as these are not readily available.

Health and Hygiene for India

  1. Reynard Antibacterial Hand Sanitising Foam 60ml

    Type - pump action foam
    Use - without water
    Suitable for - hands
    Feature - alcohol free
  2. Reynard Antibacterial Hand Gel 60ml

    Type - antibacterial gel
    Use - without water
    Suitable for - hands
    Feature - moisturising
  3. Friendly Soap Travel Soap Bar 95g

    Richly moisturising and naturally gentle, it has also been specially formulated to be antiseptic, anti-fungal & insect repellent soap bar.
  4. Friendly Soap Guest Soap (20g) x 4 - Lavender and Geranium

    Small and perfectly formed, these lavender and geranium guest soaps are ideal for eco-conscious traveller.
  5. Care Plus Oral Rehydration Salts

    Contain a mixture of salts and glucose (sugar) that can be used to help rehydrate the body when required.
  6. Care Plus ORS Scoop

    It has two compartments - one for sugar and one for salt, thereby allowing you to prepare the solution using the correct ratio of sugar and salt.
  7. Smile Saver Waterless Disposable Toothbrush

    Handy and disposable - ready for use whenever you are - no mess - no fuss and Airline approved.

    From: £0.85 To: £6.50

  8. LifeVenture Soap Leaves (62000)

    Type - 50 disposable leaves
    Use - fresh water
    Suitable for - body
    Feature - biodegradable
  9. LifeVenture Dry Wash Gel (62030) - 100ml

    Type - Antibacterial Liquid
    Use - without water
    Suitable for - hands and body
    Feature - biodegradable
  10. Design Go 'Wash It All' Travel Wash 95ml

    Type - Fragrance free liquid
    Use - fresh water & salt water
    Suitable for - hair, body, clothes
    and dishes
  11. LifeVenture Shampoo Leaves (62006)

    Type - 50 disposable leaves
    Use - fresh water
    Suitable for - hair
    Feature - biodegradable
  12. LifeVenture Shaving Leaves (62008)

    Type - 50 disposable leaves
    Use - fresh water
    Suitable for - shaving
    Feature - biodegradable
  13. LifeVenture Fabric Wash (62080) - 100ml

    Suitable for most types of fabric, this clothes-specific formula is concentrated to save space.
  14. LifeVenture Fabric Wash Leaves (62003)

    Feather-light and tiny, these disposable leaves of detergent are specifically and individually formulated for washing clothes on the move.
  15. Strider Towel Off Expandable Wipes (4 Pack)

    Just add water or body wash and watch them grow! Expandable wipes ideal for camping, festivals, travel and any other outdoor activities.
  16. Waterless Disposable Eco Towel (4 Pack)

    Disposable - biodegradable material
    Absorbs - 5x it's own weight
    Features - 4 towels per pack,
    soft and remains hygienic
  17. Shewee Extreme - Pink

    Compact kit containing everything you need to go with the flow - Stand up and take control!
  18. Go Girl Portable Urinal

    The way to stand up to crowded, disgusting, distant or non-existent bathrooms. It's a female urination device that allows you to pee while standing up.
  19. Travel John (3 Pack) for Men, Women & Children

    Disposable urinal that is quick and easy to use for men, women and children. It has a unisex plastic collar for easy access to the leak proof bag.
  20. Travel Jane (3 Pack)

    Disposable urinal that is quick and easy to use. It has a plastic collar for easy access to the leak proof bag.
  21. Travel John Solid Waste Collection Kit (3 Pack)

    Designed primarily for use with a portable toilet or commode, but could also be used on its own without too much trouble.
  22. Wash Kit

    Handy to use again and again, this waterproof toiletry bag has all your toiletries in. Perfect for a trip away!
  23. Eco Friendly Wash Kit

    Our Eco Friendly wash kit has the environment and your holiday in mind. With biodegradable toiletries and a waterproof toiletry bag to keep it all in.
  24. Hand Luggage Kit

    The Hand Luggage kit does what it says on the tin! One handy pack all under 100ml for your weekend break.
  25. Water-to-Go 50cl Water Filtration Bottles

    Volume - 500ml
    Weight - 98g
    Material - Plastic
    Features - 5 colours available
  26. Water-to-Go 75cl Water Filtration Bottles

    Volume - 750ml
    Weight - 138g
    Material - Plastic
    Features - 7 colours available
  27. Water-to-Go Pro Pack Bottle Set

    Water to Go Pro Pack - features a new Hygienic Lid + 2 extra Filters. Providing 9 months supply of clean water using technology developed for NASA.
  28. Water-to-Go 50cl Replacement Filters

    The Water To Go filter lasts approximately 2 months (130l) and comes with a "timestrip" telling you when to renew your filter.


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