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Mosquito & Midge Netting

Make fly screens for windows or doors and repair damage to mosquito nets or ventilation panels in tents.

Mosquito & Midge Netting

  1. Purple Turtle Midge Netting

    Nylon Fabric - 1.5 m wide
    Netting - 600 holes per sq inch
    Treatment - None
    Features - available in black or white

    From: £4.95 To: £37.50

  2. Totally Herby Midge Netting

    Fabric - Nylon
    Netting - 3000 holes per sq inch
    Treatment - None
    Features - available in 3 sizes

    From: £5.95 To: £59.95

  3. Coghlans Mosquito Netting (Untreated)

    Polyester Mesh - 1.2m W x 1.98m L
    Netting - 180 holes per sq inch
    Treatment - None
    Features - washable & lightweight
  4. The Buzz Window Fly Screen (STV229)

    The Buzz Window Fly Screen is made form a fine meshed material that provides an effective barrier against moths, mosquitoes and other flying insects.
  5. Zero In Fly Papers (Pack of 4) (ZER015)

    Zero In Fly Paper effectively traps and kills flies and similar insects. Features a baited insect attractant killing over 30% more flies than other branded papers.
  6. Zero In Floral Window Fly Traps (Pack of 3) (ZER011)

    Floral Window Fly Traps from Zero In contain 3 x sticky window fly traps that are ideal for use in kitchens, living rooms, or other areas where flies are a nuisance.
  7. Zero In Window Fly Trap (Pack of 3) (ZER012)

    The window fly traps from Zero In is a non-toxic, decorative, angled fly killer trap which collects dead flies and flying bugs and insects and hides them from sight.
  8. LifeSystems Mosquito Net Hanging Kit

    Contains all of the replacement items to hang any of the nets in this range so that no matter where you end up you can remain protected.
  9. LifeSystems EX4 Permethrin Clothing Treatment (350ml)

    Provides long-lasting protection against biting insects when sprayed on textiles. UK Sales Only
    RRP : £9.99
  10. Coghlans 20" Stretch Strap

    A tight-knit polypropylene strap for superior wear resistance - the ultimate in cargo straps!


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