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Portable Toilets

When you need more than a urinal and squatting won't do, take these portable loos with you!

Portable Toilets

  1. Highlander Portable Toilet

    Ideal for camping or festivals where there are either no facilities or the ones provided are not 'up to scratch'.
  2. Highlander Replacement Toilet Bags

    To be used in conjuction with the Portable Toilet to ensure your trips are not necessarily planned around the facilities.
  3. LifeVenture Dry Wash Gel (62030) - 100ml

    Type - Antibacterial Liquid
    Use - without water
    Suitable for - hands and body
    Feature - biodegradable
  4. Care Plus Antibacterial Hand Gel - 100ml Pocket Size

    Can be relied upon in all those situations where there is no soap and water to hand.


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