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Sick Bag Comparison Table

Product Name Standard Large Block Bottom with Fastener Travel John Sick Bags Qeezee Bags Vommax Sick Bowl
Price From £1.95 £2.25 £4.95 £6.95 £1.90 £3.75 £4.50
Pack Size From 10 10 25 5 1 5 10
Type Paper Bag with Plastic Lining Paper Bag with Plastic Lining Paper Bag with Plastic Lining Paper Bag with Plastic Lining Plastic Bag with Drawstring Plastic Bag with Rigid Mouthpiece Rigid Cardboard Bowl
Absorbent Pad For Liquids No No No Yes Yes No No
Sealable No No Yes - fold over clip Yes - peel and seal Yes - drawstring Yes - twist and lock in the slot No
Target Diameter 12cm 17cm 12cm 12cm 24cm 12cm 16cm
Available in Bulk Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
‘Cheap and cheerful’ ‘A bigger target to aim for!’ ‘The fold over fastener and block bottom makes this a very practical choice at a bargain price.’ 'Good for travel sickness - the absorbent pad and peel and seal bag help to contain smells and prevent spills.' 'The ultimate sick bag! Perfect for keeping in your pocket or hand bag to reduce the embarrassment if you are caught out.' 'The rigid mouthpiece and twist and lock closure after use makes this a very efficient solution for some one who really is being sick.' 'Perfect for young and old alike, where it can be very reassuring to have something rigid to hold on to and an easy target to aim for.'