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Product Name Care Plus Pro Hygiene Antibacterial Hand Gel Pyramid Hysan Antibacterial Spray Pyramid Hysan Antibacterial Gel LifeVenture Dry Wash (62030) Incognito Luxury Soap with Citronella and Coconut Oil Friendly Soap Travel Soap Bar Friendly Soap Guest Soap
Price £2.50 £2.95 £2.95 £3.50 £5.75 £2.95 £2.95
Type Anti-bacterial gel Anti-bacterial spray Anti-bacterial gel Anti-bacterial liquid 100g bar 95g bar 20g bar x 4
Use Without water Without water Without water Without water With water With water With water
Suitable for Hands Hands and surfaces Hands Hands and body Hands and body Hair, hands and body Hair, hands and body
Features Aloe Vera Up to 4 hours protection Alcohol free Biodegradable Citronella Vegan Vegan
‘An alcohol based product designed to kill 99.9% of germs, this can be relied upon when there is no soap or water to hand.’ ‘Good for use as a hand wash or as a surface cleaner before preparing food.’ ‘This versatile gel is alcohol free so will not dry out sensitive skin.’ ‘This biodegradable multi-use wash is also pH-balanced, meaning it won’t dry out skin or harm the environment.’ ‘Free from parabens, this citronella soap also reduces your attractiveness to insects – an added bonus!’ ‘A fabulous multi-purpose soap to cover all eventualities – it is also environmentally friendly.’ ‘Eco-friendly and comes in packs of 4 – the perfect gift for any traveller!’