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Sick Bags and Bowls

Keep a few Sick Bags and bowls handy to help relieve anxiety for everyone - both the carer and the afflicted!

Sick Bags and Bowls

  1. Sick Bags - Standard

    A size favoured by many airlines, this bag can be opened to 8cm x 12cm wide and it's been tried and tested successfully on many occasions!

    From: £2.40 To: £130.00

  2. Disposable Sick Bowls

    Much easier to use than Sick Bags in most situations because they have a large, fixed opening you can aim for and sturdy, rigid edges.

    From: £4.50 To: £30.00

  3. Sick Bags - Large

    A larger version of our standard bags, which can be opened to 7cm x 16cm wide to provide a larger target and extra peace of mind.

    From: £2.95 To: £290.00

  4. Sick Bags - Block Bottom with Fastener

    Similar to our standard block-bottom bags but with a fold-over metal fastener to minimise odour and risk of spills - great for travelling.

    From: £4.95 To: £290.00

  5. Vommax Sick Bags

    These user-friendly sick bag are extremely reliable thanks to the rigid plastic mouthpiece - ideal for children and rougher travel conditions.

    From: £3.75 To: £54.95

  6. Travel John Sick Bags (5 Pack) with Absorbent Pad

    Perfect to have at hand whether at home or travelling for all the family.
  7. CareBag Vomit Bag with Absorbent Pad x 20 bags

    Housed in a convenient dispenser box, the vomit bags feature a super absorbent pad that solidifies fluids upon contact, reducing spills and splashes.
  8. Travel Sickness Kit

    The perfect kit for anyone who suffers from travel, motion, sea, air or even morning sickness!


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